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Ellen Michel 
Artist Poet

It is by lending the body to the world the artist changes the world into painting. Merleau-Ponty

It is by dreaming the poet brings being into the world.      Ellen Michel

A Spread of Sounds and Visions

'Life is the soul's constant search to know our humanness and our  place in the universe,

it is an attempt to become intimate with all things'.

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Welcome to my web pages.

 I hope you find it informative and useful .   

Over my life I have evolved my creative practice to embrace images of oil deepening the philosophic and lyrical notion with words in poetic form.


Ellen Michel, Artist, Poet,  Teacher, Art Therapist, Writer, Mentor and Shaman devotes her amazing breadth of skills and knowledge to the quest of promoting the human right to access self-expression and the freedom to be creative.



Ellen’s career spans 40 years of the Art Scene in Melbourne from Community Arts to Private Commissions, Solo and Group Exhibitions.

Ellen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Canvas, having travelled  and studied widely, the richness of the world externally and internally inform the Art works in Painting and Poetry.

Ellen trained as a tonal realist painter, studying with, specializing in oil over 40 years, has been a foundation from which to develop a strong painting technique and style.


With five solo exhibitions and numerous awards for painting, Ellen's body of work continues to thrive mainly from her tenacious ability to connect the mystery of painting with nature.  En plain air is integral to Ellen's practice, and you may find traces of earth and plants in the fibres of the painting as the canvas is spread across a dry lake or pressed against a rock surface during the process of the artworks creation.  




A collection of short poems exploring the many facets of our world, the physical, the emotional, spiritual and the abstract.  

The paintings often inspire and poetry and likewise the poetry inspires the painting. 

Always life experiences inform and journal my passage through this remarkable world, the seen and the unseen its all material for exploration over and over, across the bridges of my mind, body and soul. 



We are the illuminated spaces,

Left only,

By the dignity we share,

And which is owed to all life.


Recent Art Works