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I am mostly fascinated with the idea of the painter and the poet being an instrument, whose work reveals something universal, timeless, something that touches what it is to be human. 


The idea we are imprinted with genetic memory, drawn from the unconscious mind, drives me with each artistic expression I coax into existence 


My painting explores many techniques because of a lifetime of studied works.  I approach the canvas openly, imagining when I paint, being in the airless Caves of Lascaux, deep in the earth drawing, painting images paying homage to the human endeavour to find meaning. 


My poetry arrives with an equally spontaneous approach although I have no professional training, my love of poetry from a young age and the practice of engaging the unconscious mind are tools to find the rhythm, metaphor - the music.


In a sense I explore, the painter/artist/poet as psychopomp, ritual maker/shaman, and conduit to spiritual dimensions.

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