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Poem for Adolescence, The Joker.

The harlequin, court jester, the trickster,

You are a humorous treasure.

The secret and the meaning you hold.

You are the crossing, the intersection,

the sublime, the cathartic,

the sexual, the creative and the mad, mad being.

Round and round above and below.

Can I see you or hear you or smell you?

The illusive pimpernel,

The horned god, the nipple hat,

The green eye, you excite me,

you delight me, you tempt me,

you deride me, you evoke me, you awaken me.

I want to find yourself, yes, no or maybe.

You are concrete, you are waters image.

I may never know this day or that,

You come and go, you fade,

you focus, I cannot fathom ever.

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