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23. Main Arterials Cross Separation Street. Oil on Canvas   760x1100mm 2004

Northcote Collection

 Northcote is a culturally iconic inner suburb of Melbourne with a complex fabric, diverse and unique, weaving together history, lifestyle, architecture, the arts, and multiculturalism to mention a few.  

 I followed the tram tracks, winding like a serpent, girded by the scaly frill of the ’High Street Shops’ with their fabulously individual facades, up and over Rucker’s Hill to a view of the city skyline and east to the blue Dandenong Ranges, spreading across the horizon like a distant land, traveled down lanes flanking the railway line turning into generous tree-lined streets, all with rich architecture, punctuating moments of the past meshing with the present.  Walking and cycling are both highly preferred modes of transport in Northcote as a way of helping the environment. There is an earthy grounded feel here, a sense of community whether you are young or old, getting together, on the street, in the café, in the church, or in the park, is the mortar that binds.  

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