Ellen Michel's Latest Artworks

Wild Places

Raw Connection
 My most precious memories are generated by Wild Places, invoking in me a sense of wonder, which continues far beyond the frame and fabric of the impregnated canvas to the wild and chaotic nature of life in al its forms.

Quiet Corners

The Beauty of Stillness is underestimated and often overlooked. For the artist's eye these vignettes of life offer a quiet contemplation to engage in the solitary act of painting with joy.

The Field

Sunflowers with blue

It's always a joy to receive a gift of flowers or come across blooms and fruits in the garden. Surprise blooms and fruits conjure up new paintings for me and I hurry to my studio to find combinations of treasured objects and fabrics to arrange with my finds.

Poet Within

Here and Now - in the flow

Dreaming-  the poet within. A painting comes in many ways. I will speak to me through poetry, dreaming, climbing a mountain, on rays of sunlight in rainbow plumes through moistened eyes. And I welcome it..